Month 1: Emergency Contact and Evacuation Plan

This month’s 2 Steps are to:
Step 1: Emergency Contacts
Create an emergency contact list and evacuation plan.
Step 2: Evacuation/Reunion Plan
Consider a number of scenarios about where you and your loved ones might be if a disaster happens. Determine some ways to safely evacuate your house as well as how to reunite if you are not all in the same place.

Here are the handouts to guide you through the first month’s steps:

Month 1: YouTube video

Tip of the month:  Always keep your gas tank at least half full. Think: “Half tank is the new empty.”

Community Organizing Tips:

  • In our neighborhood we have an emergency container for the neighborhood and are also asking people to share their emergency contacts and medical alert information with the neighborhood emergency preparedness team. To maintain privacy, this information would be stored in the community kit in individually sealed envelopes and opened only if we needed to contact a relation or needed to administer first aid in an emergency.
  • Get several neighbors or community members to volunteer to check in and explain the program to other members. On my block, we had 8 neighbors volunteer to each take responsibility for 4 households and to monthly go an deliver the 2 Steps handout and check in with them.
  • You can also post a note on a community place to remind people of this month’s steps. It’s helpful to color coordinate the handout and the poster.

Teacher Notes:

  • Give students hard copies and/or email the documents to parents. Download the 2 steps above. You may want students to write down the period that they have you on the form if they submit hard copies.
  • I encouraged electronic submissions since I was able to give more feedback and students could easily make changes as well as print out multiple copies for each household member.
  • I asked students to share the information with me without the inclusion of the medical information and the “10-Minute Evacuation List of Things to Grab” to maintain privacy. This exclusion of information is easier to do if they type onto the form.
  • If you have a website, post these docs on your website so students who misplace the original can download it.
  • Get your colleagues at your school to do it with you.
  • Include the program in your PTA newsletter and get the wider school community following along with your students.

Additional Resources:
Make a Plan – Includes a “Family Emergency Plan” downloadable sheet and tips on school and workplace plans. Source
Family Communications – some basic suggestions on how to determine how you will communicate with loved ones. Source