Month 3: Go Bag Top 3 Items & Safe Drinking Water

This month’s steps are:
Step 1: Top 3 Go Bag Items
Getting a “Go Bag” together with the “Top 3” most essential items. A “go bag” is something that you grab if you need to evacuate. It has the necessary materials to keep you safe for at least 3 days. This month we’ll get a container to put in the top 3 items: food, water and warm clothing. If you have the resources, a lot of hardware stores, and even office supply stores, carry these ready-made Go Bags. The contained emergency blankets are great, but I’d still add some warm clothes.
Step 2: Safe Drinking Water
Access to safe drinking water is essential. This month we’ll identify some places that you can easily access safe drinking water in your house and learn how to purify other sources of water. Next month, we will calculate and get containers to meet our needs should a disaster happen.

Here is the Month 3 Emergency Preparedness Steps letter.

Month 3 Video on YouTube.

Tip of the month: Each person in your household needs 1 gallon per day for a minimum of two-three weeks. 3 gallons/person per day is more ideal. Start researching the cost and availability of large water storage containers for your family (30-55 gallon or larger barrels).

Community Organizing Tips:

  • Have a party where you build your kits together.
  • Commit to people that you care and have them commit to you that they will get their Go Bag Top 3 Items together. Hold each other accountable.

Teacher Resources:

  • Ideally people should have emergency kits for home and “Go Bags.” I allowed students to choose to make one or the other.
  • If you do this project over several years, then the younger siblings of these students can eventually make other kits for the car or home.
  • Here is the Student Version Month 3 Emergency Preparedness Steps letter. To receive full credit, students and parents needed to sign that they did the best they could. No other documentation was required.

Additional resources:
Go Bag list – a complete list of Go Bag items. Source
Guidelines for Managing Water Supplies – essentials for how to manage and purify water. Source