Month 5: First Aid and Essential Documents

This month’s steps are:
Step 1: First Aid for Go Bag Items
Read the attached document to determine what first aid and personal hygiene items you’ll need to collect for your Go Bag that you started in Month 3. In Month 6, we’ll finish the Go Bag.

Step 2: Essential Documents
It’s important to have essential documents available. This month we’ll make sure that in an emergency you will have hard copies or access to essential documents.

Month 5 Emergency Preparedness letter

Month 5 video – coming soon

Tip of the month: During an emergency ATM machines may not be working. Having some cash on hand is helpful. Make sure bills you have small bills.

Community Organizing Tips:

  • Consider buying some of the items in the first aid kit in bulk with other community members.

Teacher Resources:

Additional Resources:
Download the free University of Illinois Household and Personal Property Inventory Book at to help your family record possessions.
First Aid Videos: