Month 6: Pets & House Care

This month’s steps are:
Step 1: Pet Care
If you have animals, you’ll want to make sure that you have emergency supplies for them and know that they are safe.
Step 2: House Care
This month we’ll look at where we live and see if there are specific things that we need to do to make them more secure in the event of a disaster. (This month will vary widely depending on where you live and what type of disasters are most likely to impact you.)

Month 6 handout – coming soon

Month 6 video – coming soon

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Additional Resources:
Pet care – learn the basics of how to prepare to take care of your pets in an emergency. Source US Department of Agriculture
Earthquake Hazards: Reduce Damage to and Injury from the Contents of Your Home – click on different common household objects for tips on how to secure them so that they don’t cause injury during an earthquake. Source Association of Bay Area Governments