Month 7: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

This month’s steps are:
Step 1: Get Out of Dodge Plan
Learn when it’s important to evacuate and what you should bring with you if you need to leave.  It’s helpful to think about possible scenarios ahead of time since in a disaster some regular routes may be too crowded or impassable.
Step 2: Sheltering in Place
Sometimes you’ll need to shelter in place. This month we’ll look at some basics on sheltering in place.

Month 7 handout – coming soon

Month 7 video – coming soon

Tip of the month: Have the emergency radio station channels taped to your radio so you can easily find out whether it is recommended to evacuate or shelter in place. Program car radios and handheld devices to have the emergency station channels saved. For the San Francisco Bay Area, KCBS radio (740 AM and 106.9 FM) has emergency information.

Additional Resources:
Learn how to create an incident command center – this is helpful if you need to shelter in place; creating a community in a crisis is essential. This is an on-line course offered by FEMA. Source
CUE Card
– the CUE card was printed out and included in your Month 2 “Prepared Pouch”; it has helpful tips on shelter and evacuation basics as well as how to create an incident command system. Source